16 June 2011

an old high school friend came by my workplace by accident.
i haven't seen this guy in years. like 5+.
we weren't particularly the closest of friends,
still, it always makes me glad to see faces that i've known back home.

and i love it when it happens because
it's almost a miracle when you have run-ins with people in a completely random place.

central park, nyc

he mentioned he'd seen this blog before
and told me how much i am different than i was before

and then i told him that i was always probably like this
but he just never knew.
on my end, it was kind of awkward the second i told him.
and then instantly felt like a stranger.

and then ...
it made me remember about somebody
who i am a complete stranger to now
but it happened to be the complete opposite kind of -ship years ago.

human relationships are very interesting..and scary.

that's why i have a cat.

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