15 June 2011

there needs to be no hiding for anybody

i think people don't show everything to the world, which is okay..
but i don't think we need to hide,
if we're scared of judgement.

we should only be scared for own self.

i was reading yohji's my dear bomb in life for the mcqueen exhibit today.
it was such overload of emotions pre-show and show and post-show
i nearly cried in the exhibit because i started to think about lee alexander's process of making clothes
and the insanity it took him to create something

-though in the midst of him creating that insanity, he felt one second of sanity, or right-ness.

- i think that's how i feel when i get caught up in creating something, whether it's clothes or drawings or anything, when i get caught into it, or when it catches me, it doesn't really matter how crazy it is, because in that moment everything feels right.

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Sasha Fay said...

Amen! :) This made me feel good.

Sasha Fay