16 June 2011

Tao Comme des Garcons spring 2010

i'd watched "midnight in paris" tonight by woody allen.
it's such a great film that says..
deal with the present.

or..more so like, accept now.

it's a good reminder for me
because i dwell on the past
and worry for the future
everysingle second of the day.
and then the day is gone.

go watch it


Amy T said...

When i was looking for fashion books on ebay I found one and saw your illustrations and i got a book called 'fashion design course" by steven faerm and your work is displayed as good examples of portfolio and illustration. As soon as i saw your stuff i knew it was you, i love how your illustrations are so distinctive.

Calin said...

Do you ever screen print your illustrations onto tshirts? I would LOVE ONE.

Ju-Young Julia Kyung said...
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Julia k said...

ditto what they said ^