23 August 2010

cdg fw 2010, cdg hp +

leopard, union jack, leopard + tartan, all drop

tigerleopard? ,drop

yohji yamamoto homme fw spring 2011, yohji yamamoto

at this moment..i am trying to work on a few personal projects. one involving pencil in my hand. another involving making suits. or rather, "suits". i'm very inspired by the way guys have this way or wearing suits... or maybe it is derived from the my love/obsession for gakuran uniforms and that feeling of uniform-ness. nonetheless, i am going to make a few different sort of suits until i get tired of doing so. and i'm thinking of making one in leopard, one in lavender-lilac, one in a floral brocade, one in a tartan. yeah....this also basically reflects my evovling closet which has gone from all shades of black and white to all of the above patterns. colour is a good change.

to get me started on my mini-collections of "suits" (oh , i say suits because i feel sooo not qualified to say it without quotes. i am such an informal dresser) ..this is a recent purchase.

can anyone guess where it's from? the wooden buttons give it away nomnom i'm going to have good dreams when if i wear this to sleep


ntokyot said...

pleaseee, blog about it when you're done, i love menswear, i love men wearing uniforms or suits. it just makes every girl melt... like ice cream in the sunshine. menswear <3

- said...

the suit looks amazing.

kevyn said...

okay i hate to pry into your inspiration with my own inspiration...but you should consider doing a chevron/native american printed suit. you know, those ones that come on mexican blankets and range from lovely neutrals to crazy brights.. okay maybe its just me, but you would definitely look lovely in either i think! i think it was givenchy who did a neutral-ish one last AW collection or around that time.
and ps: love your style eri.