27 August 2010

*thomas engel hart
(i had to edit this-- it was noted as yyamamoto from my source. thanks to whoever pointed that out)

polka dot post-its people are punk at heart.


Anonymous said...

I love your mole skin scans.
but i'm curious to what you use it for? documenting thoughts? diary?


i use it mainly for drawing.
though, it usually contains lots of things from quotes, lyrics, things i don't wanna forget, i tend to jot down things i want to research/google, lots of images, photos, inspiration, schedules, to-do lists. i wouldn't say 'diary'..but there are some private/personal thoughts in there.

some things are better kept manually instead of keeping things on the computer/internet. i love keeping these. im on my 12th one and it's fun to look back on the past years to see how ive changed, or not changed at all.

Mary Standish said...

I love those images. Love love love. You're so creative!

Anonymous said...

this is not a yamamoto homme picture this is this little bastard of thomas engel hart