04 September 2008


don't you love being delirious from lack of sleep?
yesterday, when i was triyng to fall asleep, i was tripping out so much because everytime i closed my eyes, it wasn't dark, and it was as if my eyes were still open. but i knew my eyes weren't open because people were in my room, or like it was the day and not night. and then when i would open my eyes, it would be real again with no one in my room.

deliriousness i tell you.




coco said...

I just found out about your blog today from a friend and I went a few pages back and I have to admit that you're extremely inspiring! loooove it!
so talented.


Matthew said...

I haven't visited in forever. I'm starting to get more narcy-darce. It's time to live and give! That's my new mantra. We'll see how long that lasts. Think: the Giving Tree. You give until you have nothing else. Or yourself. Which probably only sounds good? Or maybe it is (and not just sounds). Hope you get some sleep! Love your eye always, you know? And your brain. But got to keep it all healthy and such...