08 September 2008


i think some of the fotos mark took are better than style.com, elle.com, vogue.couk combined.

this is a great shot ,mark.

du juan is the cutest aznmodel everrrrrrr. azn. :)


i ruv this girl.

caroline looks unhappy.

that girl is wearing the blazer loc heather and i crystalized for a million hours. it drove us insane!!!!!!! no more crystals please thanks.

these fotos are alll out of order! just like my brain right now. fashionweek has just started and i'm already over it.

that's a lie. i've only loved alexander wang and alexander herchovitch so far. y-3 didn't impress me too much, i'm not going to lie. and daughters by obedient sons had a few cute pieces, but i think their fall collec was defintily stronger.... yeah. i can't wait till paris. gees hurry up.

anna wintour was spotted and she looked miserable in her sweater. it was seriously humid ,asia style.

what am i doing, i need to do homework. i hate this internet ! dont you know i have a.d.d!??



Sarah A. said...

oh erieri, i am SO jealous. lets get together and do crafts STILL.

chraz said...

haha jeez yuri-chan, i see that you're back doing what you do best

leuh said...

ahhhh!!!! oh my god!! that looked amazing.. how fun! wang's collection was AMAZING.. hes so inspiring!!

Pammy said...

beautiful work, hon! I deathly covet that jacket you worked on

a dinosaur said...