02 September 2008

it's creeping up

i am growling because i want to sleep.

so it starts again. schoool. i have never been so not prepared in my life.
i'm not done with my summer project thing. wowsers. need some non.add please.
i think i've put more time at alexanderwang than at home doing homework this weekend.
if you know me well enough, my priorities are always out of order, but not on purpose.
sad face.

plus, i have like, $0.52 in my bank account.
double sad face.
is my papa cutting me off , or what.

bad news number 100.
drop crotch is everywhere now. c'mon you americans. go get 'em.



Emily Malan said...

being broke is not good!

btw.. you know that bj panda bear you linked to on your blog, i realize hes friends with a lot of art center photo people i know/have classes with. small world.

Anonymous said...

hey there nerd.

cheer up. things will be aight.

i miss ya and stuff.

what's new.