28 August 2008

can i buy some off of you?

i quite fancy this foto. christine's camera's amaziiiing.


ps i think it is time for a new tattytattytatt.


chraz said...

yuuuuri chan!!! Everytime i listen to the japanese cd i think about the time you made me a bento and i ate it

Samantha / サマンサ said...

i think i've to let you acknowledge that, i linked you personally to my journal site! unearthed things which are really awesome from your side of life, so i'd like to keep updated from you. :)

Amy said...

i really love your drawings and sketches. would it be okay with you if i made prints out of a few of them and hung them in my room?

michelle said...

you're sketches are so cool, and you've got great style... and i was wondering how you get your hair to curl