06 February 2008

i am a witness

of mariah carey.  at cafeteria the night of seven's party. it was a weird feeling because it wasn't like seeing paris hilton or agyness dean. it was like, seeing john lennon. well maybe not that  extreme, but you get the jiss? i think if i ever witnessed john lennon (even in my afterlife) i would have heart failure. i also witnessed daul at a really unsuccessful iqons party. she was wearing an amazing coat. (ann demeulemeester?) 



1 comment:

Matthew said...

Yeah, cool, cool. But I really like how my face is covered in the current. You're not a vampire (cf. sleep)! Nice. I need to just pass out for a few days to recoup as well. Some reason, I read the word: witness and think of church or the pulpit...