03 February 2008

like vampires

fashion week in new york has begunnnnnnn!!! dun dun dunnnn.. 

i'm actually quite excited this year for it. wasn't feeling to happy last season. a.wang has already made my year. 

so basically everynight there is a huge party and i wish i was a vampire so i could be awake to attend everything. in real life i'm a barely human trying to succeed at something called parsons school of design. 

two nights ago a few and i went to ....
bernhard is amazing. if only i was tall enough to pull off his voluminous looks..! there was alot of people there including hipster models and people dressed in unique attire. (not seventh avenue, thanks). i spotted kenzo minami and i think he is really amazing at what he does. blahblahblah, i wish i had pictures.

maybe tonight will be fun.


1 comment:

Matthew said...

Wang is great. I'm starting to switch over here! I used your illustration for my header thinger. Maybe there should be a watermark on it or something so I can be like: that's an ERITHEMERMAID creation, you know? I love it. Hope you're enjoying school. I want classes to be over! :)