07 February 2008

the real good ones.

i'm up at 03:25 a.m. (which isn't too late mind you) working on my concepts homework.  we are working on our critic project/junior fashion show collection. although we only create one piece for the show,  everyone designs a whole collection. each class is assigned a topic and our class got tuxedo nouveau with anthony, who designs for isaac mizrahi couture (meh..).

so, in the interest of black+white and trying to use feathers i am designing it based on crows . 
i'm super excited because fringe/feathers definitly could use a comeback!!! 

 i'm sleepy.

i need to finish but instead i'm on blogspot. (oh a.d.d....)

i'm bummed i didn't get to chloe sevigny/opening ceremony on monday. i was toooooo sick anyways! on tuesday night my friend zon and i attended the y-3 opening party. it was filled up, no shit. but interesting crowd including a teacher from my school, fabulous sophia lamar, a misshape, and nick cannon hollering at y's military style jacket, "oh that's hot yeah yeah yeah that's hot i'd rock that".  a different type of space, which is one thing i love about japanese boutiques. the comme des garcons + issey miyake are also amazing.  ah, my wallet will be very empty when i go back there. 
my friend, zon.

going to these events de-stress me + motivate me (which i have been lacking intensely as of late).  life problems interfere with my brain which makes me uneasy, but right now i'm on a roll. 

i'm not going to stop drawling.

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Matthew said...

I ended up taking a "nap" around nine then woke up a ten only to sleep again until three something. Then I fell asleep again after some online hyperclick-age. Draw, draw, draw! I love it. Can you do like a process video/demo of you drawing a M S T C F G R ? Mmmm, fan I am...