26 July 2011

this morning i had a dream that it was the last day of the universe

i watch outside the window out to what looks like a bay or a river and across it a small forest
not anywhere i ever lived
out of nowhere things that looked like fireworks started to shoot at the ground and would explode, not in flames, but in fireworks
it was nighttime but it was bright and colourful

then a few more hits after, we overhear people saying they were small meteors that rained on the earth and killed the dinosaurs years ago

it wouldn't stop raining with these meteors
and all i remember was hovering over my mum, as if she was the child.
and all i remember was just watching the sky

no one said it was the end of it
but i knew it was
it was scary but a little bit peaceful


drivethruvintage said...

That's so weird because I had very similar dreams last year...

After those dreams, everything changed for me...

here's the post:


drivethruvintage said...

It told me a lot but could be nothing for you. have a great weekend!