28 July 2011

number (n)ine rosary

this is weird.

i used to listen to music all the time.

in the morning, on the way to school/work, at school/work, on the way home, at the gym, when i come home, when i do work at home, when i sleep- and then i wake up to it.

because i don't hear music at all during the day,
it's become so natural that there is no soundtrack in my life.
i only notice 10 something minutes after the last song has been playing.
and i used to be so annoyed when i don't hear music.
but lately, i guess i'm okay when i am just listening to things like my fan in my room.

the only thing is..
 it is weird
i cannot sleep in silence
so basically
most of my music listening
is when i'm asleep

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