04 January 2011

over due fotos from thanksgivings, so's birthday, tokio's birthday, yas's birthday, ナベ, christmas party & ボウネンカイ.

in a span of a year, or even less, the people around me have changed.
not forced but naturally.

i feel comfortable.

although i have a huge anxiety of letting people get close to me now, i cherish all friends that i have. because i had to let go of many people i did care about, i cherish the few people from parsons, the few people i met via working, and these kids i have met this year. it's kind of a different appreciation i have for them.

it's always been difficult for me to find a stance with my nationality, because i never could find a strong ground as either american or japanese. i feel nostalgic and connected with both, but a lot of times feel so disconnected that i can't even speak. so i just end up sitting and smiling as i listen to conversations. but

i feel comfortable with them. even if they don't really know me underneath me.


grateful greatful days.


Brandon Acton-Bond said...

With you on the nationality issue Eri. What are we? I don't consider myself English, American or from Hong Kong. Are we internationals? Or ghosts?

louise said...

me three x

i am here nor there
neither or either
I am a British chinese/Hong Kong and don't feel like i don't belong anywhere

ome time i sighed 'wow i haven't been back to HK now for 14 years and counting..'
and this girl from HK goes 'so what, your not even born there'
As if that doesn't count for anything..


@brandon we aren't ghosts. we're just like, that colour on the watercolour palette where all the colours are mixed together so it looks nearly black. we know where we came from but not really completely anything.

ntokyot said...

really like the photos

m.corbett said...

i love how the picture of all the shoes could be a lil sign telling you about each person that was there :)
love ittt x x x x


the picture with all the shoes! ha, totally happens when i'm with all my friends.

maya said...

i feel confused about the nationality thing too.
its like not belonging anywhere in this world, not having a place.