13 December 2010

the stillness in some of the scenery in this film creates such eerie feelings.
i can feel it more when i pause the film for a second, scroll back and then repeat it.
sometimes i skip the real dialogue of the characters on accident the first time around because i'm too intrigued by the colours and emotions filling up visually. even with no music. just car sounds or sounds of waves on the beach.

he , asano's character, kept failing at dying.
and at the end, i think he found something that let him live one more day. each time he almost died, somehow, something came along and lead him to somewhere he never would've wandered off to.

i think wanting to escape life itself comes around human's mind once , or everyday for some. in the end, it's amazing how people get thru things even if it's the worst. maybe people do die on the inside along the way. sometimes they can never be what they used to be. but sometimes they can recover and come alive again with the help of other people. no one can live alone. even if you wanted to.


Jaz said...


Last Life in the Universe is my favorite movie of all time ever.

Every scene is beautiful.

And the ending makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

This is bliss.

ntokyot said...
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ntokyot said...


Miya said...

O.M.G. one of my MOST favorite movies ever....I love tadanobu asano...he does such amazing films!!

Another beautiful movie ~ 恋愛寫眞

with yummy Matsuda Ryuhei :)