13 December 2010

alexander wang spring 2011

white painted hair.
i always wanted white hair, like kiki smith. or
i once went blonde in 2005-6, but didn't go so well, because i have too much hair. and not even toner would do it.
but one day i think i want to have long silver hair.

there was this article in the nytimes a few months ago about how older women typically cut away their hair short and often get a perm to keep it in place and so they can 'act their age'. and how it's a way to 'let go' and give in to aging. i really hate that kind of 'society rules'. because somehow growing your hair out is linked to rebellious action. i understand history. but i don't understand why some rules still apply. just let it grow. right?

be yourself? yes.
so beautiful.


Anna Wand said...

Beautiful drawing! I love your illustrations :)

X. said...

I agree. Do what you want. It's your hair!