14 November 2010

photo from jun takahashi's gyakusou event.

this photo is awesome in so many ways.

the track looks so beautiful and it reminds me of my running days.

i try to run whenever i have the chance / energy / time.

i do miss competing in races too. in the hills and stuff. i seem to make alot of excuses to run here and i've learned i'm better at doing things when there's pressure. like, when there is someone infront of me for a whole three laps and i just cut them off in the last 100m it feels really great.

this past spring, i read that book by murkami, 'what i talk about when i talk about running' and as i was reading it i didn't have many things going thru my mind as i would do with other autiobiographies. it was more like 'am i reading about what i talk about when i talk about running?' . i think maybe runners will all feel something similar to that. jun too, i assume.

anyway, i love that everything he is doing i am kind of really truly obsessed with.


can we be friends?

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Cory said...

Whoa you saw Jun Takahashi in person? I'd probably feel tempted to bow to the ground and tell him "OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA!!" a few times but he probably wouldnt like that haha, he's one of the few people who totally inspires me in an overall way. I agree it seems like every single designer label is doing collaborations with some other brand but some work out in a really cool way.

And damn, I wish I could figure out how to get my hair to look like that (I wanted to do a bosozoku costume for Halloween). If you've seen Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze Girls.....Ryuji the Unicorn has the best hair.