07 July 2009


Crows Zero 2 image 18

Crows Zero 2 pic06
Crows Zero 2 image 13

Crows Zero 2 image 11

Crows Zero 2 image 21
Crows Zero 2 image 20

finally, the internet people have uploaded crows zero 2! if you don't know me well already, i am obsessed with these kinds of japanese movies with beautiful japanese boys. and this movie in particular is basically lots of blood and fighting, but i am somehow so attracted to this! oguri shun plays the head of the school gang, and i am dying over his hair. i am also dying over their rival school's uniform. white school uniform?? it's so chic.. directed by takashi miike. not bad.

y's by yohji yamamoto

with a white v neck shirt? so good.


lulu said...

Yes yes yes

B. KIM said...

I love the movie too!!
And I like Oguri Shun!!
Japanese boys are pretty

leuh said...

oooo will you tell me the link to this movie??? it looks BEAUTIFUL!

also, what are u doing this summer? wantt to do a shoot of your collection???!?

kelly said...

omg eri i dieeed over the oguri shun's look for this movie tooo!!!<3 you're totally right; gakuran is soo ridiculously chic. i want oneee! XP