21 October 2010

went to see and hear Sakamoto Ryuichi a few nights ago.
it was insanely unreal and an amazing experience..i had probably the best seat i could ever ask for, so close and i could see his fingers dancing on the keyboard. i could also see his shiny hair (which was, by the way, so beautifully silver and healthy and voluminious..), and i could also see everytime he finished playing a number he would smile .

by far this was the best concert i've been to.
i was frozen in head trance the whole time.
sometimes shaking
sometimes goosebumps
sometimes holding my breath for too long and then breath and then eyes water a little bit. especially when he moved from his out of noise numbers to bibo no aozora. my soul moved a little bit into a happier space. and of course when he played merry christmas mr lawrence i was nearly almost in tears again. music sounds so differnt raw. and with so much emotion, everybody can feel it in the air.

i felt so nervous when he first came out. all you could see was his sillouette on the dark stage as he played glaciers but not on the keyboard, behind the keyboard. you feel coldness.

i think he has such a humble heart. you can really see in his eyes and everytime he really bows and puts his hands together while people are endlessly applauding. thank you sakamoto san. i;ve known you for 14 years already and this is the first time you ever saw me.



Anonymous said...

Ohhh my goodness. No way. NO. WAY. Ahhhhhhh. I am jealous. And happy for you. Also jealous.

Anonymous said...

holy. shit.

Miya said...

I shared your blog entry with him on Twitter. I hope he gets a chance to read. I hope to see him perform one day too (: I can tell it is an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing...the pictures you took are very nice.

Miya said...

aaand he just answered me back... I think he was able to read your entry (:


@Miya... thank you for being thoughtful :-) I'm so greatful of everything that happened that night. his music gives people power

Beauty said...

THis is the first time,me visiting ur blog ..all ur posts are really a innovative one...Thanks for sharing ur wonderfull time with us...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGszA07PqVs The pictures you updated are mindblowing!!!!

A La Mode said...

I adore him so much! One of my all time favourite pieces of music is by him, I would die to see him play.
You lucky girl!

hikari said...

I saw that you 'liked' all of Mr.Sakamoto's status's and realized you were his fan too..!

I went to his SF performance!! Wasn't it so beautiful??生で見られて、本当に幸せで、ラッキーだよね。

I wish I was able to see him too!! I don't think they did signing in SF. =)