19 October 2010

the walls + ceilings of a fondue cafe that Remo, Nadine, Dinh & french friends took me to while in Paris.

i was probably the only one very very excited about these handpainted walls.
i have this quote from the book itself in ink
and everytime i see it i feel comfortable in my skin
sometimes i remind myself who i am now
that i am me
but not me from yesterday
not completely

i just came back from the best concert of my life, details to come.

but right now i want to sleep to his music.
and think about nothing but peaceful dreams


Crystal said...

I'm not sure why, but I found this post really comforting

Amy said...

I love the Little Prince. Sigh.


M said...

My boyfriend is in love with le petit prince, and I'm in love with my boyfriend.
so yeah, it feels like home.