30 September 2010

on the way to long island

purple flowers, long island

the last foto here is when we were driving back. i drove back and we took a longer route back on ocean ave. we didn't catch any blue skies, but it was so hazy yet so perfect. sun was trying to get to us , even if it was a little bit. no traffic yet and then imagine came on right when sunshine was shining everywhere. it touched everywhere every piece of grass and petal could feel a little bit of warmth i think. and right then at that second , john said 'imagine no hell below us above us only sky imagine all the people living for today'

sometimes you need to do things out of your character. or maybe it is your character to begin with. or somethings you need to do to feel humanness again and to wake you up. the whole time down i felt like a ghibli character. (like when howl walked sophie in the sky above the streets, like when shiita was falling from the sky before pazu caught her, when kiki flew over the forest in high speed all she saw was shrubs of forests, mei satsuki grabbing onto totoro yelling at the top of their lungs when flying thru the middle of the night, ..you get the idea)

nothing scary except you might die. nothing underneath you except everything but somehow you feel nothing but air and it feels so good to feel that nothingness-everything. so free and you can reach so much. you feel so happy and peaceful in the air..it will be so perfect with a soundtrack. and then also happiness once you hit ground..and you made it. and you are still alive.

kind of a great feeling.



소비블로그 said...

super jealous!! Love this posting

Anonymous said...

hi eri,
what camera/film are you using?
i really like the outcome of your pictures!

maggie battles said...

great photos. some day i'd like to get a group of friends together & jump out of a plane, too. the most i've done is a massive cliff

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what film do you use? or is it digital then edited?

Love your work!

Anonymous said...

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