30 September 2010

i'm sore. it must be september.

oh wait, today is september 30th.

again, i am saying when did all this time pass by ? this month was an awfully tiring month, but the most tiring (butexciting) week is yet to come. i'm a little nervous of my flight there. susan miller said not to travel for business on september 30.


yeah, i need to sleep

cory and satoru, y-3 shenanigans

haeyeon and her friend, amy, in a plastic ruff..

an installation from chrishabana's collection AT MILK STUDIOS. so proud of you my pilipino love.

hedi (icebat and coraline, who was visiting from california..)

yuri and jason, who stayed with me thru nyfw.

wataru, rui, & aki. we were tired that night after an event at the new museum..

atsushi's 33rd birthday (one too many shots?)

and sensei's 35th birthday !!


with mizuyo and chigusa from IF at IF i lovethemsomuch but we were all very tired that night as well. oh yeah, it was fashionsnightout #OVERTIME

kohei, always delightful

mun-soo. his jacket ...

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