25 April 2010

i remember when i was a kid, i wanted a machine that would do my homework. i was convinced that when i ate smarties i was smarter. now people are eating, err taking other things like ritalin like it's not prescribed. althought it doesn't really make you smarter does it. i think maybe people have less attention span in general. or less patience. or less interest.

yesterday i saw this thing at a bodega , this thing called 'dream water', i have yet to try.
i think it will work like melatonin. but i wonder if i will have vivid dreams? i hope it just lets me sleep peacefully.

i hope they make all kinds of waters and foods. like be nicer water, happy water, peace water.

just kidding.


HAL said...

I wanted the same machine. My brother wanted a gorilla who would not only do his homework, but also give him rides to places.


Cordi said...

I love your illustraition, gorgeous