09 June 2009

things to keep me distracted from the thunder

sadly, i have three gigantic knots in my hair a.k.a. ratty dreads. but it's lost in my marykate 'fro so you can't really see it until you touch it. unfortunatley, i'm thinking of cutting of of them off, it's freakishly hard as a rock. i can't seem to untangle it no matter how much i try. my next goal in life is to own a comb.

this is ryan, who likes to mess up people's belongings. i only forgive him because i've known him for 11 years.

i am really terrified of thunder. the light is fascinating, but the sound just makes me jump. why is it thundering when it was 80 degrees today? i am so confused. why won't my sore throat go away? all year i didn't get sick- and one rainy night does it.


lulu said...

Can't wait for you to take a break and come back here.

Glamour Stains said...

you are such a doll. so pretty.