12 June 2009

ohhh yeah

"If flying to Japan for a shopping trip is a tad too taxing on your wallet then you'll have reason to rejoice this month. On June 22nd, the house that designer Rei Kawakubo built, is launching a Comme des Garçons Black store and a pop-up shop in the US. Black is Kawabuko's more affordable "guerilla" line created in response to the global economic downturn. The previously Japan and United Kingdom only Black shop will be opening in two locations in New York City: one a free-standing store on 10th Avenue and 17th Street and the other will be a pop-up corner at Barney's NY that'll only be open for two weeks.
If you don't go for the merchandise, at least go for the people watching. The mix of Bearbrick/Medicom nerds and Fashionistas will be priceless."


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