12 June 2009

lost in translation, forevaaaaa

you know the feeling when life just passed before your eyes?
like you make decisions without thinking and then you realize you can't go back?
i feel so overwhelmed, in a good way and in a bad way, but i guess it's more in a good way.
eri needs to suck it up and become an a-dult.


Taryn Andre said...

theirs nothing wrong with self analyzing. And if the good choices out weigh the bad choices then its quite apparent that you get the gist of life.

Go Eun said...

dude, so know what you mean. Having graduated, starting a first job, and realising what a waste of time my degree was and hating the track my "career"'s on.. is absolutely suffocating. Patience, the older people tell me, but I'M GETTING OLD and life is definitely passing before my eyes