22 April 2009


lulu was kind of enough to do a little entry on my collec. ♡♡ i really should post about it, but i am currently crystallizing some shoulder pads for another presentation i have on friday!

but i'll leave you with some hair.

steph hair and mermaid hair



pink horrorshow said...

Girly, I've self indulged in a blogspot now :P


Matthew said...

Eri, I love it.

I wish more boys were modeling.

Also, love your HL illustrations!


YUKO said...

Hey, I had been following your blog for some time through Lulu(I'm actually her little intern for SAYM) and I just saw your thesis collection on her blog! REALLY great work. I'm such a fan. I am totally in awe of Parsons students. I really hope to be one some day. I am actually working on my prom dress right now tee hee

Anonymous said...