10 February 2009


not really cmyk. not really black and white.

this was today in the bathroom at milk studios. we are both bringing back the white frames. (but not on a ray-ban). this was right before i spilled steam water on my white shirt dress. a.k.a. madness.

the photography dept was able to book some decent models. this one girl, ilona, was to die for. i looked her up. she's so cute! but she looks very normal when she's dolled up. i like it when she looks darker. you know, the pale skin and dk eye shadow. mmm.



Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

aww she's super pretty. I'm going to be in need of some models soon myself.

Matthew said...

I'm in Denver.

My dad and I are flying to Puerto Vallarta soon.

I just dreamed that you and I were talking about shoes.

I never, never dream.

But I did, right before waking. I was wearing these hideous, rubber clogs in that faux nova check madness.

You were wearing heels inside boots (think Balenciaga's dress inside a dress concept).

We agreed mine were a no-no but we traded anyway to try on each other's pair and confirm.

And you didn't know this at current (whilst shoe-swapping) but my church was suprising you with a paid for apartment/condo in Chicago.


What does this mean?

Haha, xo your stuff, always...


Anonymous said...

I like this model, but she looks so young. My wish for the industry is when 2010 comes around to have a revival of the 90's models, including the Supers. Let's celebrate women being women and get over androgyny.


anchiru said...

love the model and the cloth that she wear <333
her is ilona?