08 February 2009


today nyc is very bright and sunny. it makes me very very happy.

my ono boots that i painted are crackling, just like the walls in my hallway.

apparently , last week, there was japan fashion week in ny. actually they just displayed some designers that show in jfw in a few boutiques. i just happen to run into it when i went into tribeca issey miyake. i love mintdesigns and ne-net and sunaokuwahara. it's definitely different from all the blackness.

this week i literally slept an average 3 hrs per night. i was super exhausted by thursday night, but decided to go to saks5thavenue celebration with zon and maria. the highlight of the night was daul kim djing techno vs coco rocha djing hiphopppp.

we have a lookbook shoot tomorrow for school!



Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

3hrs per night? aww thats so not good.

I stayed up two days in a row once thanks to school getting too hectic

leuh said...

i think i will be shooting it .... im taking a fashion photo class, the shoot is at MILK no?
my friend is going really early to get a sweet space to set up everything and then leaving so will have a real nice set up, you should find me!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

I go to bauder college, which is downtown here in atlanta. It's a pretty good school because the fashion department keeps us pretty busy w/ design competions and challenges and etc. but I want to transfer to SCAD for my bachelors.

Where do you go?