05 January 2009

i don't remember alot of things

did you know that if you sleep more, you have better memory? that explains alot.

top 10 random moments i remember of 2008

10. i learned how to drink beer this summer. thank you alex.
9. ryan and dru visit for my 21st birthday, but i got super sick. it doesnt seem like a big deal, but you only turn 21 once. :(
8. i love being at awang
7. many concerts. nothing beats justice though.
6. cdg x h&m wait with eddie was quite historical.
5. seeing hamish bowles at Ruff Club one friday night.
4. catching freja beja totally making out with another hot blonde model. totally hot.
3. watching about 10,000 fireworks in one night in tokyo. the trip itself with suko and jenn was fucking awesome.
2. bumping into kirsten dunst at lit is one thing, seeing mk is another thing. (loves it)
1. skiing trip with anna in the summer time. quite the experience.



miki said...

omfg u go to parsons?? envy envy u eri :(
bunka is suck especially the womans uni.
im thinking to go to NY this year to visit my friend.
how is parsons? i heard that the school is so hard to graduate?

ps: i agree wth ya.sleep more will have a better memory with extreme headache. (my case :P)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.