04 January 2009

girlfriends from high school.

happy belated 2009.
apparently, i had lots of fun. too bad i can't remember anything that happened after 12:10 am.

&basically everyone left for school today. weep weep.

this was the first time in a long while i had hung out with the crowd from high school. i always thought it didn't really matter much if i had lost touch with them because i have such a different lifestyle in nyc now. my friends in new york are so different than the friends i have here, so it's always weird for me to switch back and forth the character i have. but i realized i don't really have to switch back and forth. i just have to be careful not to speak fashion or bob dylan with my friends here. (it's like another language to them!)


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miki said...

hi eri. i adore ur style and love ur drawings. i thought u're japanese arent u? im half japanese-indonesian and currently studying at bunka womens university.