30 November 2008

somewhere along the way

everything has changed.

ive been home for thanksgivings , & thank the lord whoever that is that i was away from 40 degree weather. although ive been sewing most of the time. it's sad i have to choose work over fun, especially when my non-parsons friends don't really get why i put so much effort in school. it's understandable that they won't understand ever. it's quite fucked up the way it works. but it's all very rewarding.



Pammy said...

keep chugging along. it'll all be worth it soon. you're crazy talented and it would be a shame if you didn't put everything into your senior collection.

Sarah A. said...

i especially like this drawing!

Matthew said...

You're lucky to have been in a warmer place. I think where I'm at in Michigan is actually warmer than Chicago, even though it seems to snow more here.

I'm going to have to post or somehow show you a screen cap of my iPhone; I'm using one of your drawings as a wallpaper!

Good luck with all your stuff, hope the rewards are bountiful and lasting and such. ;)