18 September 2008

'time wounds all heals'

these are from the new vogue hommes japan magazine i picked up today. pretty much amazing.

being nocturnal isn't so natural to me anymore. i'm so deadbeat everyday from school, what is going onnnn. right now is 2:24 which is past my favorite hour of the night. but after 2 i start to work slower, i smoke every 20 minutes, and my a.d.d kicks in five times as harder. i can't sew right now, but i must or i fail. it sucks to be blood type a. i try to achieve much higher than i can mentally physically handle.

i also like to sleep at 2ish because i can see the moon from my bed. (very rare in nyc)
but i'd like to seriously get some more sleep. i discovered that my memory is worse now not because of, lets say substances, but because of lack of sleep. i also get sleep paralysis alot and i can't tell if i'm awake or asleep or zombie-ing out or delirious or all of the above.

another random thought. i think cats are always drugged out.


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Matthew said...

Sleep is reparative, I feel. Except sometimes it's better to just be instead of getting healthier. Because then you don't have to constantly adjust. But yeah, hopefully you can sleep lots and stay healthy and such.

Cats are cool. Although sometimes they scare me...