14 September 2008

does the noise in my head bother you?

an old friend from japan is visiting so i took her out on a night i should've probably stayed sober and did homework. my pile of work is rather large right now and looks like this week is another no-sleeping week.

fashion week is over in ny. alot of shows were really dry. goodness. i can't wait until paris. we can skip milan.

why is new york feeling like a disgusting sauna these days?

my life right now. can someone send me some more 7stars?


1 comment:

Matthew said...

I've been in kind of a downer slump, but a particular conversation with a certain thinker has me better focused. This is true. And that noise inside your head? It's really just my noise whistling...

Haha, I'm loosing it.

Peace and good tidings and such...