25 September 2008

it's cloudy when i'm sad and sad when i'm cloudy.

so, i just got sick overnight. i have a humoungous fever, but i've been trying to drink lots of water so hopefully i'll recover. being sick is the one thing i really have to avoid during school. oh, and sleeping in, fainting, losing my homework,-the list goes on.

beautiful hasidic jewish people. i am so obsessed with them.

things i need in my life right now:
Veggie Creepers

i need creepers right now!

desiree mr j cohen and i. everyone (90%) in my class makes me happy.



Anonymous said...

Bet I know who the ten percent is.

joanne said...

i love your drawings; wish i could draw just as well. =]

Tiff Chang said...

yo, wassup.

i dont know you, but i've seen you around,
holla at me sometime.