21 September 2008

i'm not sure but it's okay

seven stars pleasseeeee! i said i'd stop after two cartons but i cannot.

lately, i've been a bit happier than usual. minus being stressed, but i can't help that. i'm more zen and learned to accept things for the way the are. well, knock on wood because who knows how long zen will last. i think i'm feeling better because i'm always busy with my senior collection.

a friend from back home visited today and it made me happy.

frienships, & relationships, and loveships are weird. all ships are weird. i think it's weird how they make me really really happy and makes me really really sad all the time. so sometimes i wish i didn't have any ships to be on, but then i'd drown.

this is what i was talking about, the moon at appx 2 am from my bed. it lights up my room when i turn the lights off. i actually have trouble sleeping in the dark, but it's ok with the moon.



jackie said...

love your blog & illustrations!

Pammy said...

I quit smoking with the patch. It works really well! Also you can smoke mullein which is an old Indian herb that clears/sooths the lungs and is not addictive.

Matthew said...

I like your hair a lot. Some reason, I just noticed it more now...

OROgami said...

Eri!! i love your blog. your an amazing illustrator =) i can't wait to see your senior collection!!

next time we hangout you have to explain your entire inspiration and thought process =D