14 August 2008

the only things cheaper in japan are ecstacy and cigarettes

if you have all the money in the world, you need to do only three things. travel, shop, and bring friends.

seriously, i have a newfound love for tokyo. i could seriously see myself living there.

we walked alot of stairs, destroyed our lungs, metled our brains in the heat, and drank more beer than water. i saw more fireworks in one night than i have ever seen in my entire life. and i saw friends i haven't seen in yearssssssss. i saw people from dropsnap too. i saw so many jesus hair boys and fell in love. i basically left all my problems (80% of them at least) in the states and was really carefree. yeeee.. i want to go back. now!

i'm also in love with limi feu more than ever. i want to be limi.



a dinosaur said...

ive been waiting for this post !
"i saw so many jesus hair boys and fell in love." haha i would as well ! next month, there'll be limi feu fashion show..new collection, new pieces and i hope..jesus hair boys attending :) x

Matthew said...

Eri, so many pictures posted. I love it. I tried to watch Lost in Translation rented from the local public library. Naturally, the disc was scratch beyond hope. I want to visit Tokyo one day! Firework shots are so appropriate whenever, yeah? Glad you're enjoying...