30 July 2008

"no one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky." bob dylan

(photos: http://marciosimnch.com/)

i'm in tokyo now for a few weeks. i've waited for tokyo the whole summer! i planned to come here for two months but that obvi didn't work out. so many things didn't go as planned this summer. actually, nothing went as i planned! always happens. always always.

too many unfortunate events. too many wrong turns and emotional rollercoasters.
aiish! but i also found treasures and such, so i guess it hasn't been too horrible.

i'm looking at tokyo aka my break away from america my rehab time. hopefully i'll regain energy and positivness.


ps i miss


Matthew said...

Eri, Tokyo! I'm super excited/happy for you. Soak it up! :) Hope you're making lots of great memories and having adventures and such. Haha, so I'm looking at your away status, and it actually says: TOKYO! And I was wondering how to spell it correctly...but it's blatantly there to my right (on my buddy list). Enjoy, Eri!


hippocampe lookalike said...

you're welcome !
hah, tokyo sounds great. have fun there !

chraz said...

I'd rather be chained to the sky than, the ground.

Sagaji said...

wow. i like it, very well written! keep it up! there are too many great memories in tokyo!

Sarah and said...

hey! so im getting the zine off the ground already but i obviously want your work in it! however, i cant seem to find your email address soooo...if you wouldnt mind commenting of messaging or something with it so i can send you the form letter, thatd be great.

thanks and i hope tokyo is treating you well.

see you soon. x.