20 March 2008

"there is no such thing as a bad hair day"

i love hair. i love big hair. i love fake hair. i love messy hair. i love it.

i am especially in awe of katsuya kamo's work. he's a hair stylist that has done junya watanabe and undercover's shows many times. it's soooo avant garde and amazing. i love that it doesn't look perfect in any way. i mean it looks perfect- as in i love it to death. but it's not perfect as in l.a. hollywood glamour perfect. combing your hair is like, so not in. :)



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Matthew said...

I've been way MIA. I was at Parsons on...Wednesday? Wait, Tuesday! We just walked around with another friend that goes there and peaked into classrooms, etc. Then my friends and I went to see the Little Mermaid musical! I didn't realize you commented on my Vuitton vs. Prada post; I think I like the Vuitton better overall, but I like certain aesthetic elements of the Prada one. I'm going to have to go back and read your posts and comment more specifically. Enjoy your break! Swim far away!