01 March 2008

is there something on my face

because yesterday i was waiting for mar to go to our friend's party, and a guy walks into the apartment lobby and asked me "why do you look so sad?" and i said, "i'm not". and then today i was on the subway going uptown and this really pretty lady was sitting infront of me. she smiled at me twice during my ride and right before i was getting off she asked me, "are you okay?". i said "yes" and i smiled and left.



Emily Malan said...

i think that about myself too because people have been asking me if i'm okay too

Matthew said...

That melancholic definition is so on point.

Eri, I'm going to be in the east east coast two weeks from today (NYC, 3/17-19). Do you need a full spectrum UV lamp?

Haha, hey, hope you're good.

Remember, I'm a fan.

I'm all for designers and their inner emotions, expressions but drowning is no fun.

Thrive! Kudos...

ntokyot said...

i hear those questions in my daily life too and wondered why