03 March 2008

Don't let your love be colder than death

. i haven't had the warm warm warm love feeling for long time. (except the love for junya watanabe).

(or maybe my junya love isn't that warm, because it's so vain.)

(maybe my love is icy cold)

this is a piece from a project i am doing with a girl on the west coast. i have put it off for so long because school has been so crazyyyyy.



hanndroid said...


are you still melancholic?



Matthew said...

My browser won't display your marquees properly. Gah, I need to use a mac. I love her lips. It's signature ERITHEMERMAID. Coffee! I'm down if you're around. Does the collab involve another medium, say tees? I'd love to wear a graphic shirt with your illustration featured...

Matthew said...

You know what gets me better these days? Menswear. Just the little details here and there. And lines. When illustrations have life, that makes me feel alive.

I'm supposed to working on writing a wedding sermon for class...