25 March 2008


my trip to l.a. was too short but sweet. i miss jack and everyone else. on thursday i met up with roxxxy bj jessi and saw many friendly faces that i miss so much.

Jeremy dj'ed.

christian and his beautiful sweater
shaunathan i miss you too
where is hayley :(

roxxxy and a boy in a tiger suit. we had similar purses except his was leather, mine is suede. we both agreed that fringe is in. 

on friday, jack and i went to eat with jenn and jen. i am sad i don't have any fotos.
on saturday jack went back up north. yvonne came by to visit me for a total of 5 minutes. she has the world's smallest dog. 

jack dropped me off at falcon where i met up with roxxxy, bj and friends. it was jourdan's birthday. 

roxxxy and i drove to downtown while listening to miley cyrus. she's really a teen sensation. after making alot of detours we get to the standard where we see a really long line. sad face. but we got in kind of quick. 

pretty bathroom
at midnight it was glen's birthdayyyy. yaaaayyyyyyyyyyy
birthday boyyy

i found a wrench

(photos: roxxxy, glenjamn.com, kidpaparazzi.com)



Matthew said...

Eri! I'm back from spring break! I need a break from break. Haha, how are you? Hope you enjoyed California! Do you know of post-college classes in fashion offered at Parsons or other nearby schools...or anyone taking classes in fashion in a non-traditional manner? I think I want to dabble some and immerse...

Cat Wong said...

Hay gurl, AZN pryde fo'evz!

Reading your list of to-do's made me realize how long my list of to-do's is.

But (highpitched voice) fuuuuck that, we're going to see Crystal Castles tonight omGZ!!

roxxxy said...

soo cute! i lovee you and miss you and you should come back reallly reallly soon so we can listen to miley cyrus and get lost again on the was to some crazyy party that we get locked out of but somehow manage to sneak back into because we're superrr cool lol. glad you liked the pictures! and next time we're getting vegan burgers!!!

Matthew said...

Thanks for the update. Yeah, I'm more interested in the making aspect. I guess I should call them for some print materials and compare. You know I've been listening to Miley on our road trip, and I thought I was crazy. But she's catchy. Haha, see you when I see you...

Glenjamn said...