28 February 2008

she said,

" 'young' is a feeling i've been having a lot these days and ive never felt this before"

there is this girl i was once best friends with in high school. if i could write, i would write about her because i am secretly in love with her life. she's a girl who grew up in a (sorry to say) typical korean american household- went to church, went to art class, went to piano lessons, etc. now it seems she is living this wild life so freely and she is the perfect example of a modern hippie. she enjoys greenery, both kinds. she loves animals, any kind. she is inspired by people and lives. she is nomadic. she is free spirited- people in high school thought she was the dumbest girl ever but i always knew she was really intellectual. and she is always happy in her fotos. this girl is so inspiring.


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