14 December 2007

'i am a tree'

3. the essential reason for my lonliness is that i don't even know where i belong. i was supposed to be part of a story, but i fell from there like a leaf in autume.

i know nothing about the page i've fallen from

-o. pamuk


Tiff Chang said...

it's 3:54 AM, and i've been @ the UCC since 10 in the morning.. yesterday i was here until 4 too.. but tonight im staying here overnight..

its going to be over soon little eri. until then. we just need to chug some sushi and redbull..

k back to aftereffects as;dlfkjas;ldfkja; sldflove you

Matthew said...

Eri, you should create a world. Eri-land. I would visit. And never leave. I'll leave, I'll leave. And grow. Tomorrow. I was listening to some Little Mermaid songs and thought: if Eri were a mermaid, she's have a black, iridescent tail. With pearls. Perhaps?