28 November 2007

this is how my brain works. (not in order, quite a mess)

i stamped that illustration because some people think i should so people won't steal my stuff. so i said "i guess that's a good idea".

i decided... london > nyc. i want to be at central saint martins with charlotte. (p.s. i miss you!) i want more freedom. ny is too much.."this won't sell! who's your customer?! do you see this on the streets?! what floor on barney's do you see this?! are you gay? you're in! are you hot? you're in! are you a model? you're in!! are you rich?!!!! you're mos def in!!!" had enough.

i want myself in tokyo too.
actually, maybe i need to get out of the u.s.a in general.

this is the weekend we went to a friend's friend's birthday party. turns out the friend's friend was very unhappy of our non-friendness so we exit-ed right away. although, he did have a very cool bathroom. & tiff watched me pee.

then we decided to have our own party and pig out at yaffa afterwards. i actually don't like yaffa anymore. if you can say a sandwich tastes horrible when you're drunk, you can pretty much say their food won't be too good when you're sober.

i come to the computer lab everyday until it closes because i am addicted to the internet and apple still has my laptop!

yesterday i went to bumble and bumble. i basically went there so they can tell me to come back in 3 months. then i stopped by this other salon and this guy, kenji, cut my hair. i let go of my steveaoki/johnlennon/marykate/jesus-wannabe hair, finally. my hair was really damaged and nasty. fotos later.

school sucks. enough said.

this is from mel's pre-thanksgivings dinner.

i need to develop some fotos from the holiday.

omg, yesterday i spent 84$ on wool fabric for my next project. and i still need to buy 20$ of nice lining. crycrycrycryyyyyy i cannot go xmas shopping..... :(

i'm going to go see oliver theyskens on 12/7!!! that should be exciting.

the littlemermaid on broadway got cancelled. :(

i should start hw now.


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