25 November 2007

nyc is okay

starting tomorrow will begin the hardest times of the semester. 4 weeks to go until winterbreakkkkkkkkkk!! too excited.

my good friends ryan and christee had left manhattan today and mar left my apartment. this holiday was the best break ever. everything we did was unplanned. I wanted to get as much sleep as i could, get ahead on homeworks, relax, be healthy, etc. instead we would live nocturnally- wake up and in two hours it would be dark already (4pm) and we feast, have some boozies, nap, shop, and somehow come home at 6.am. everyday. repeat. ive been feeling like crap this whole semester, but something about all of us not caring about a thing in the world filled up my heart. and trust, i am pretty much an empty person.

people are starving for love.

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