12 February 2012

some dried racanculas and some pages from my old, un-updated, design portfolio.

i haven't looked at that portfolio for at least a year. i can't even remember when i had completed it.. 2009..? early 2010?...
i brought it out one night recently showing a friend. 
and forgot i did this.

usually you never want to look back at old projects, 
assuming that you will advance and do better in the future.
but it was odd looking at this- i didn't mind at all.

these days i have a big problem with forgetting things..
big tasks, small taks, etc.
i feel comfort in having 'things' around me.
...to keep reminding me that i'm capable of 
or was once capable of making so much work.
some days i feel so drained that i feel like i can't do anything at all anymore.

how the hell do people throw things away..

1 comment:

Allysha N. said...

makes me shaky about my own portfolio :/