10 January 2012

tao comme des garçons fall 2009

gutterpunks , tribal, decoration, and etc.
i did this one last year.
and in the making of a website, i did not want to reveal everything i had drawn.
but now i don't care.
because they are being forgotten in my hard drive.
so say hi to gutterpunk girls in tao.

while i searched thru my harddrive,
i dug up some really old school work as well.
i did some really shitty work back then.
and i also did some better ones too.

i want to be an indulged maniac child again.

it's before 2 am  i feel sleepy actually. 
so i will go to sleep now.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustration, I'd like to be again that indulged maniac child too..

sunuk said...

Really inspiring illustration!!!