14 November 2011

san francisco, ca

can't sleep now, again.
yes yes, what's new.
though, i should be exhausted right now.

i have lots of muscle pain 
from an accident i had the previous week,
and one from tonight.
what is wrongggggggggggggggg.
i am a complete accident magnet.

i'm trying to digest how i'm able to relax in general,
and i still don't know the answer.
usually that's why i cannot sleep so well.
so i just exhaust myself until i can sleep standing up.

i am a little exhausted right now. 
but i'm still in thought...about 
this situation.
it could've been worse.
people could be mad.
but they are not..
they are just glad that we're still here.
it's the first time these past few days here,
i feel real love under this roof.
because sometimes,
i feel like you are supposed to be a certain somebody,
and to pretend we all know each other,
and love one another.
but every second spent we are role playing.
sometimes that may seem the case forever,
though i guess some things just lie so deep
role-play is the only way to keep things glued.

it is a bit sad that we need accidents to realize important things.

so stupid, 
because we keep forgetting how much we need each other.

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